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Business support brings to collaborative E-commerce, which covers the whole process: procurement, sales, distribution, and payment. The main elements include four parts SCM / ERP / CRM / BI.

1、Supply Chain Management (SCM) is mainly support of the procurement and distribution for the manufacturers in Germany. In brief, it is to meet supply relationships in the supply chain, by distributing the right product in accordance with the appropriate state and packaging to the designated customers and designated location at the right time, with accurate quantity, and reasonable cost.

2、Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is to tightly integrate the  Helina human resource, finance, material, property, supply, sales and the corresponding logistics, information flow, capital flow, management flow, value stream together to achieve resource optimization and sharing. It is a real-time information management system which truly integrate Heilna Germany, Heilna Dalian, each office and department, effectively improves the operational efficiency, not only reduces costs, but also meets  customers’s requirement, meanwhile improves the enterprise competitiveness of Heilna.

3、Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an information system we are establishing and improving for our customer information collection, management, analysis and use. It can provide timely and accurate information to the sales process of the marketing department, and corresponding marketing decisions. It attracts more potential customers when maintaining old customers, meanwhile foster customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

4、Business Intelligence (BI),we use BI database analysis to provide analytic reports we concerned, such as customer value evaluation, customer satisfaction evaluation, service quality evaluation, marketing effect evaluation, future market demand, and so on, to provide decision-making information for Heilna.

The overall e-commerce platform constructed on the basis of the above four module systems, is to share information, quickly coordinate their business, to completely change the tedious international trade into simple domestic trade within Heilna and partners, so as to connect all sectors seamlessly.  That’s collaborative E-commerce system we currently use.

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